Saturday, October 25, 2014

Waite Park Band News, Coin Drive, and Family Dinner Success

Family Dinner Night 2014
Week Two with Waite Park Band Students will have them playing their first notes on their instruments as well as refining their technique of putting together their instruments and identifying parts.

The Waite Park Band has a newsletter!  It came out this week, and it includes information like that above.

Nelson Devereaux is our Waite Park Band teacher.  Click on his name to contact him with any questions or comments; if you'd like a copy of the newsletter sent your way; or to see how your child can get involved.  PTA provides a certain number of scholarships to band students every year, so if you're not sure if you can afford lessons, ask us or Mr. Devereaux. 

Also, a reminder:  The Coin Drive is still happening this week!  Be sure to send any coins or bills to school with your child so they can be included in the classroom count.  So far, we've raised about $1500.  You can see our progress on the thermometer on the door that leads into the Parks & Rec area (through door 2).

And...Family Dinner Night was a success!  Thanks to all who came, and please send us your pictures if you have any!  We love seeing all your faces at our community get togethers, and we hope we'll see you throughout the year, supporting Waite Park and Northeast Minneapolis.


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