Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coin Drive Results & Latino Family Celebration

First off, Northeast Middle School invites you to join them in their upcoming Latino Family Celebration slated for Thursday, November 13th from 6-8pm.  Many of us will have children there in the future (maybe even next year!), and this is one of many great opportunities to check out the middle school.

 Coin Drive Fundraiser Results

(after the break)

For the 2014 Coin Drive we raised (drum roll, please!) $3111.70!  We are grateful to every student, teacher, and family that helped us exceed our goal of $3000 with their spare change.  When you include the $1750 from Classroom Sponsors, this fundraiser brought in a whopping $4861.70!  Several classrooms brought $200 or more worth of donations, and they'll be receiving a special prize in the coming days. (Ask your student about it).  Our top winning classrooms were:

Ms. Harms (5th Grade):  $321.47
Mrs. Thompson (2nd Grade):  $268.22
Mrs. V (3rd Grade):  $255.48

And a special thanks to the classroom sponsors (listed below).  Family and businesses alike contributed.  We've included links to the local businesses who've sponsored us this year.  (Oh, and don't forget Give to the Max is coming on November 13th!  Our webpage is already up if you want to reserve your contribution to our PTA.  We're hoping to raise an additional $2000 in direct donations).

Gracious Sponsors

High 5 & Kindergarten:   
David & Jessica Edstrom
Richard & MariBeth Murphy
The Dickey/Esguerra Family
Michael & Marlyce Luitjens

1st Grade:  

2nd Grade:  
Mark & Elizabeth Anderson
Mark & Toni Bender
Marc & Jeanette Wood (lots of Mark/Marcs in 2nd grade, huh!?)

3rd Grade:  
NE Dental Wellness
Larson Dental
Central Car Wash

4th Grade:  
John & Kjersti Nelson
Castle Building & Remodeling

5th Grade:   
The Dunham Family

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