Thursday, October 1, 2015

Who is Chester?

Those of you at the Ice Cream Social tonight may have run into Chester, our new friend at Waite Park.  If you didn't get to enjoy ice cream and flu-fighting tonight, don't you worry -- there's still a chance to meet Chester!  He'll be hanging out at school the next couple weeks.

A few facts about Chester: His favorite color is puce.  His past-times include people watching, coin collecting, and standing really, really still.  He's so old, he's practically an antique (don't tell him I said that). 


Ice Cream Social 2015

What's the PTA up to next?


Kindness chalk!  Click that link to learn more.  The short of it:  On Friday, Oct 9th, everyone is invited to chalk up the sidewalks outside Waite Park in the name of friendship and understanding.  It's an awesome anti-bullying campaign, and we hope you'll ask us more about it and/or join the fun. 

October 10 -14th is the Scholastic Book Fair.

And last, but not least, for the month of October:

Fall Coin Drive!  Each year, the PTA raises money that we then use to enrich our children’s educational experiences (think field trips; classroom activities; and awesome community get-togethers like the Ice Cream Social pictured in this blog post).

This fall our goal is to collect $5,000 through a Coin Drive to support Waite Park Community School.  Our hope is for $3,000 in coins and $2,000 in classroom sponsors.  In fact, we are seeking classroom sponsors to match the money raised in each class, so if you have a connection to a local business (or if you or a grandparent of a Waite Park student might be interested), please contact Jill Pearson-Wood at 612-250-3401 or

Classrooms will collect coins from Octboer 5-23.  Students can bring in any denomination of coins (or even bills).  The classroom that collects the most money will receive a prize!  There are rumors that prize might include a pizza party, milk and cookie breaks, and maybe even...EXTRA RECESS.

These kids clearly don't have enough fun already.

And as always, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for your support.  Whether you've had multiple kids make their way through our school, or you're a brand new parent of a High-5er or Kindergartner, we are excited to get to know you and hope you'll join us in our activities.

You may even get to meet Chester.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to School (Already?!)

That's right!  It's that time of year again:  Back to School!  The PTA has a lot up our sleeves, and we hope you'll join us.  This blog will keep you up to date, and we also have a Facebook Waite Park PTA Group and PTA Page.  Waite Park Elementary School's PTA Link is also helpful.

You'll get flyers in your students' folders at times, too, so be sure to check backpacks regularly.  We'll also establish classroom reps who will email you with PTA updates.  If you want email updates, make sure we have your address!  You can email Amanda Muenzer at ( to add your email to the PTA Directory.

Also, for a school supply list, click here.


Upcoming School and PTA events:



8/20: Waite Park Open House!
8/24: First Day of School for 1st - 5th grades
8/26: First Day of School for Pre-K and Kindergarten


9/2:  High-5 and K/1st Playdate
9/3:  First PTA meeting of the month

The play date is a great time for our sometimes-shy, sometimes-unsure little ones to meet some of their classmates out in the park and get to know each other.  Parents can mingle, too.  You never know when you're about to meet the folks of your kid's Best Friend For Life.

If you have questions, feel free to comment here, email us, call, or post on Facebook.  Various contact information can be found all over the sidebars of this blog. 

Welcome back to school, Wildcats!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 Carnival: Friday, May 29th, 2015

Waite Park PTA is hosting our annual carnival at the end of this May.  Festivities begin at 5:30.  And by festivities we mean games, treats, face painting, dunk tanks, Northeast Royalty, local bands, and THE RAFFLE!  See below for more info on the Raffle.  For now, though, here's a very important link:

Click that link and consider volunteering your time to the Carnival.  Our volunteers are our life blood!  Volunteer, and you can enjoy behind-the-scenes perks and that warm, fuzzy feeling of having helped a community event go smoothly.  And volunteering can be as easy as supplying your child's teacher with bottles of pop!  (That's right, for our ring toss, we still need FULL 2 liter bottles -- whatever flavor works for you.  Please donate!).


The Raffle!

By now, the Waite Park parents reading this should have received an envelope containing $20 worth of Raffle Tickets.  Students aren't required to sell the tickets, of course, but it sure would be swell as the proceeds from those tickets go straight to the PTA and then are funneled into benefiting your kids, school, and community!  And if you need more raffle tickets, feel free to contact our PTA rep Jill Pearson Wood (

Prizes will be rewarded to the students who sell the most tickets.  Turn completed tickets and money in to your classroom teacher by 1pm on May 29th.  Winners will receive:

1st prize:  $100 Target Gift Card
2nd prize:  $50 Target Gift Card
3rd prize:  $35 Target Gift Card

Plus, anybody who purchases a raffle ticket (only $1 each!) has the possibility of winning amazing prizes--like the bikes you see pictured below.  The list of goodies so far:

$100 Lego Store gift card
2 Youth Bikes with Helmets (donated by Stinson Automotive)
Jim Lupient Water Park admissions (4)
St. Paul Saints – 2 reserved outfield tickets
Lunds/Byerly's gift card ($25)
Cheap Skate/Lilli Putt - 10 free admissions
Chimborazo Restaurant gift certificate ($25)
Zero Gravity – 2 free passes
Bruegger’s Bagels – 5 bundles (dozen bagels & 2 tubs cream cheese)

Northeast Middle School T-shirts
Pletscher's Greenhouse $15 gift certificate
Grand Slam – 2 passes
LeeAnn Chin gift card ($10)
MN Timberwolves T-shirt
Riverview Theater - 4 tickets
Holy Land $20 gift card
Domino’s – 4 pizzas
Culver’s – 4 free value baskets
Roller Garden – 6 passes
Minnesota Wild T-shirt
Skyzone - 2 Free Passes
Jimmy Johns - three 15-piece platters
Half Price Books gift card $25
Vescio's Italian Restaurant $20
Element Pizza - 2 free pizzas
Subway - 10 free sandwiches

...and much more!

Oh, hey!  We've also got a new principal!


Meet Rochelle McGinness.  She has worked in Minneapolis Public Schools for over a decade and was previously assistant principal at Bancroft Elementary.  Stop by Waite Park and see her on Thursday morning (5/21).  If you can't see her then, you'll get plenty of opportunities in the future!