Tuesday, April 28, 2015

$15000 and Other Reasons to Celebrate!


Spring Social Raises $15k!

That's right.  Thanks to you, our volunteers, and our community, this year's Spring Social and Silent Auction raised over $15k.  Fundraising achievement unlocked!  About 200 people attended in total, and we had a blast enjoying food, trivia, music, and a live auction.  The Solar Arts building was a fabulous choice of venue, and we thank them for the party space.  (For those of you there: That women's bathroom, right?  It was practically a mini-spa).

A special thank you also goes out to our wonderful sponsors: Empower Therapeutic Support Services; Village Orthodontics; Castle Building & Remodeling; Northeast Bank; and our super sponsor Larson Dental!  We couldn't do it without them, and we encourage you to continue to support these generous local establishments with your business and word of mouth.

And just for fun, as we update you on even more PTA news below, we've peppered this post with more pictures from the Social.  Enjoy!


Walk/Bike to School Day May 6th

After enjoying the delicious, decadent foods of the Spring Social, a good walk or bike to school is in order!  Hey, whether you Spring Social'd or not, you and your children can join their friends (up to 100 people last year!) on the commute to Waite Park.

Ulysses Route: Meet at 28th & Ulysses at 8:15/8:30am. We'll start walking at 8:30am and meet up with another group at Mt. Carmel Church (St. Anthony Parkway and Ulysses) at 8:45am. You're welcome to drive to the meeting spot and park, then walk to school with us.

We'll be giving away ride passes for the MOA Nickelodeon Universe as well as bike locks, helmets, and more!  This PTA of ours sure knows how to bring the swag.

*You're welcome to drop your child off and they can walk with the group, or you can join us for the walk with them!  Questions? Contact Adrian Grote-Young at 612-343-8169 or ag.young@mac.com

Whoa.  Teachers ARE allowed outside!

NE Community Ed SUMMER Program


You've all been waiting for more info on the Summer Program, and we've got a link for you!  You can use this link to access the schedule and register for classes:  bit.ly/1zfszP6

You can also check out the brochure.  Programs for grades 1-7 are available at NE Middle School this year since Waite Park will be a summer school program site.

If you have any questions about the Community Ed program, contact Sandi MacDonald at Sandi.McDonald@mpls.k12.mn.us .

Mike Madison auctioning his art

Carnival Is Coming May 29th!


That's right.  Carnival is coming up already!  Come rain or shine, we'll be out at Waite Park bringing you our annual festive event on May 29th.  Believe it or not, rain seems to bring out even MORE people, so believe us when we say the community loves this event!  We'll be posting on Facebook (and here, too) as we get closer to let you know about where to get raffle tickets to buy and sell, what items we're raffling, and a call for volunteers.  (That's right, even MORE swag from the PTA).

We usually have entertainment there, too, including the guy in the picture over there to the left.  He not only donates his art to our Spring Social, but he's donated his musical art to us in the past.  It's Waite Park parents and staff like him, and YOU, that really make this organization, this school, and Northeast Minneapolis so incredible.


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