Friday, March 10, 2017

Next Up: The Spring Social

The blog may have been on an unintended hiatus for a couple months there, but we we're back in action to cover the recent and upcoming Waite Park PTA Events!

Family Dance & Book Swap

Caught mid-Dap at the dance

We had an amazing turn out this year, and we have the sneaking suspicion it was due to the new Waite Park light up bracelets. The kids loved them. They danced in the darkened gym, waiving their bracelets, and shouting to the beats brought to us by KidsDance.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, our students picked up piles of books for their personal libraries. We still have free books available at the school, and some may even find their way into our Little Free Library. Grab some if you see them.
And now for news on our biggest fundraiser of the year.


Spring Social and Silent Auction 2017

Design by Perfect Circle Creative
The spring social is Saturday, April 22, and we still need plenty of volunteers. Please visit our Volunteer Spot to find your niche. If you're the type who hides in the kitchens, we need help there! If you love hosting games, we need help there, too. Whatever works for you, we're happy to have you.

We could also use donations. This includes libations for our beer and wine raffle! We can't have alcohol at the school, obviously, but if you have a favorite beer or wine you'd like to donate, please email our wonderful fundraising chair Jill Pearson-Wood.

Each classroom is creating a basket of goodies to auction off as well. Visit Waite Park PTA to find out what to bring for your child's classroom. Send your donation to school with your child or drop it off at their classroom. We're taking donations through 4/14.

Meanwhile, if you still need your tickets, they're $20 each and are available on the blog (top right corner) or in the office at school.

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