Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to School (Already?!)

That's right!  It's that time of year again:  Back to School!  The PTA has a lot up our sleeves, and we hope you'll join us.  This blog will keep you up to date, and we also have a Facebook Waite Park PTA Group and PTA Page.  Waite Park Elementary School's PTA Link is also helpful.

You'll get flyers in your students' folders at times, too, so be sure to check backpacks regularly.  We'll also establish classroom reps who will email you with PTA updates.  If you want email updates, make sure we have your address!  You can email Amanda Muenzer at (amanda.muenzner@mpls.k12.mn.us) to add your email to the PTA Directory.

Also, for a school supply list, click here.


Upcoming School and PTA events:



8/20: Waite Park Open House!
8/24: First Day of School for 1st - 5th grades
8/26: First Day of School for Pre-K and Kindergarten


9/2:  High-5 and K/1st Playdate
9/3:  First PTA meeting of the month

The play date is a great time for our sometimes-shy, sometimes-unsure little ones to meet some of their classmates out in the park and get to know each other.  Parents can mingle, too.  You never know when you're about to meet the folks of your kid's Best Friend For Life.

If you have questions, feel free to comment here, email us, call, or post on Facebook.  Various contact information can be found all over the sidebars of this blog. 

Welcome back to school, Wildcats!


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