Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Fall Fundraising Classroom Sponsors

Thanks go to all of these generous parents, grandparents, and local businesses for making our Fall Fundraising season successful. You are the reason we have a strong community and thus a strong community school. In short, you ROCK and we are truly grateful - Thank You!

Mrs. Neville's Hi-5 - Justin Francis of BrainBox Art & Design
Mrs. Neville's Hi-5 - Binder Heating & Air Conditioning
Mrs. Bauer's Kindergarten - Larson Dental
Ms. Swentko's Kindergarten - NE Dental Wellness
Mrs. Schweitzer's Kindergarten - Smart Shop
Mrs. Teeter's 1st Grade - Holyland Deli
Mrs. Carpenter's 1st Grade - Elizabeth & Mark Anderson
Mrs. Carpenter's 1st Grade - Who Loves Massage? / Jess & David Edstrom
Mrs. Eckert's 1st Grade - Marc Wood & Jill Pearson-Wood
Mr. Schultz's 2nd Grade - Central Car Wash
Mrs. Miller's 2nd Grade - Castle Building & Remodeling
Mrs. Thompson's 2nd Grade - Larson Dental
Mrs. V's 3rd Grade -  NE Dental Wellness
Mr. Griesch's 3rd Grade - Castle Building & Remodeling
Mr. Nolde's 3rd Grade - Central Car Wash
Mr. Holm's 4th Grade - Adelita's Mexican Restaurant
Mrs. Glocker's 4th Grade - Easy Way Foods
Mrs. Guertin's 5th Grade - Potek Glass
Mr. Vandeberg's 5th Grade - Jan & Ken Harris

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