Saturday, October 27, 2012


We're still doing the math and hoping to receive a few more donations, but we know that we brought in $2,100 from generous local businesses and patrons. Please join us in thanking your child's classroom sponsor by dropping them a line, email, or better yet, giving them some business!
Room 001 (Neville): Larson Dental 
Room 122 (Bauer): Central Car Wash 
Room 123 (Swentko): The Bender Family 
Room 124 (Schweitzer): Central Car Wash  
Room 121 (Anderson): Hartley Law Office 
Room 120 (Carpenter): Larson Dental 
Room 119 (Teeters): Hartley Law Office 
Room 104 (Merriman): Northeast Dental Wellness 
Room 105 (Miller): Class'e Hair Design
Room 107 (Thompson): Bowman & Brooke, LLP 
Room 103 (Nolde):  Jill's Weddings 
Room 106 (Mrs. V):  Northeast Dental Wellness 
Room 108 (Greisch):  Village Orthodontics
Room 113 (Holm): Jan & Ken Harris, Grandparents 
Room 116 (Glocker): Castle Building & Remodeling 
Room 115 (Guertin): Village Orthodontics 
Room 117 (Vandeberg): Reuter Walton Construction 
Room 112 (Gallup): Castle Building & Remodeling 

Thanks so much for your support!

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