Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coin Drive Results Are In!

This year's coin drive has set a new record!  Over a ten day period, we brought in a total of:


Congratulations to Mrs. Carpenter's 1st Grade class (Room 120) for winning the coin drive class competition with a total of:  $437.21

Mrs. Schweitzer's Kindergarten class (Room 124) came in second place with a total of: $411.48

Thank you to everyone for ridding your house of it's spare dimes, nickels, quarters and pennies!  With thirteen generous classroom sponsors donating an additional $1,300, that brings our total Coin Drive efforts to:


Remember, the coin drive is just one part of the 3-pronged Fall Fundraising Campaign.  Our goal, by the end of this month, is $11,000.  We're still collecting direct donations and are expecting a powerful surge in nut sales over the next week.   We'll update everyone as the results come in....

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