Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coin Drive Update!

It's time to look under your couch cushions and empty your junk drawer of spare change for the annual Waite Park coin drive.  This is, surprisingly, one of our most successful fundraisers of the year. We think it's because every kid feels like they can contribute, and some of our teachers (we won't name names....) get REALLY competitive about raising the most money and winning their class a pizza party via the PTA.

So far, 13 of our 19 classrooms have been sponsored by local businesses and/or families.  That means they are donating at least $100 to the coin drive fund due to a connection with someone in that class.  We need more classroom sponsors!  So, if you know of someone with a connection to a small business or some generous grandparents, this is a great opportunity to support the school (and it's tax deductible!).  Click HERE for a copy of a letter you can give to potential classroom sponsors. 

Here are the sponsors we have as of today:

Room 001 (Neville):
Room 122 (Bauer): Larson Dental

Room 123 (Swentko):
Room 124 (Schweitzer): St. Anthony Eye Clinic

Room 119 (Teeters): Central Car Wash
Room 120 (Carpenter): Buettner Law Group
Room 121 (Gjertson): Camelot Builders
Room 104 (Merriman): Village Orthodontics

Room 105 (Miller): Northeast Dental Wellness
Room 107 (Thompson):
Room 112 (Gallup): Central Car Wash
Room 114 (Eberhardt):
Room 103 (Nolde): Ken & Jan Harris (grandparents)
Room 106 (Mrs. V): Village Orthodontics
Room 108 (Greisch): Castle Building & Remodeling

Room 113 (Holm):
Room 114 (Forsberg):
Room 115 (Guertin): Bowman & Brooke, LLP - P. Arneson
Room 117 (Vandeberg): Larson Dental

Look for the coin drive graph on the PTA bulletin board next week for a daily update on how your class is doing in the coin drive competition!

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