Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2nd Annual Spring Gala & Silent Auction!

Saturday, March 20, 7 PM -11 PM
Eastside Neighborhood Services, 1700 Second Street NE

Buy your tickets in the Waite Park office or Park desk.  $15/person in advance, $20/person at the door. 

Waite Park and Recreation staff is offering “Parent’s Night Out” event for kids.  You must make reservations with the park by March 10.  Kids age 3 and older (toilet trained) will be accepted.  $15/child.  You can e-mail Larry at to reserve a spot.

This is a fun social event with other staff, community members and parents.  Enjoy a lavish buffet of food donated by local NE eateries, a wine raffle and a meat raffle, and, of course, the enormous silent auction items, donated by friends, neighbors, parents and local businesses.  All proceeds benefit Waite Park PTA.  The PTA wants to make this event even more successful than last year!  Why?  We know budget times are tough and we want to be in a good position to help our school fill in the gaps – we always have more ideas than money.  No one wants to see programs cut.  For that to be realistic, we need people to attend this event and to help us gather prizes.  Please help us out!


  • We need silent auction prizes.  Economic times are tough so this is a big job.  There are ways you can help –
o   Think about businesses that you are connected to – can you bring in a letter asking for a donation?   Businesses give to people they know, not cold calls.  We have letters that we can share with you.  Contact

o   Do you know someone with a skill or craft they can share?  Things like:  making a birthday cake, cookies of the month, sewing/knitting skills, etc.

o   Is there something that kids would enjoy that you can offer – parents bid on that.  For example, lunch with you, etc.

o   Are you willing to let a parent volunteer lead a class project?  For example, last year Kindergarten students made wool felt balls with a parent who then strung them in a necklace.  These were HUGELY popular items.  Fifth grade did individual portraits in art.  We realize time is tight, but we do have some artist parents willing to help or even lead such a project.  Please let us know – can help you coordinate with volunteers. 

·         Attend the event.  Invite others to attend this event.  This is a great time to bring your friends and family around. 

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  1. Fabulous details from 2nd Annual Spring Gala & Silent Auction. The event seems fantastic. I liked reading the details. At some local garden themed LA venues we also attended a Gala and wedding expo on last weekend and this event was also fantastic. I will share the photos soon on my blog.